Website in 1 week
750 $
800 $
All to be completed within 1 week:
  • A one-page website with Wordpress-based content.
  • Including setup of feedback forms (email, WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Integration with Instagram,
  • Basic event tracking setup,
  • Basic Google advertising campaign setup.

Allows for quick and affordable validation of an idea or for quickly acquiring initial orders from the internet.

Make your business visible on the internet within 1 week.

750 $
800 $
How it works - 4 steps to results.
Preparatory stage
  • Acquisition of work request
  • Consultation, completion of client questionnaire
    • Information about client
    • Information about product
    • Information about customers
  • Advance payment
2 days - Prototyping stage
  • Prototyping of website
  • Preparation of content
  • Approval of prototype
  • Incorporation of client feedback revisions
3 days - Creation stage
  • Placement on hosting
  • Purchase of domain (if necessary)
  • Installation and configuration of CMS
  • Content creation
  • Approval and incorporation of revisions
2 days - Launch stage
  • Setup of feedback forms
  • Integration configuration
  • Analytics setup
  • Advertising campaign configuration
  • Formation of report on completed work
Professionalism and timeliness in working with us
Deadline management
We understand that time is the most valuable resource, so we provide a guaranteed result within fixed deadlines.
We work overtime
We will add additional specialists to your project to meet tight deadlines.
We work even at night!
Stage-by-stage payment
You pay for what you see. We divide the project into stages, where each stage is paid in turn.
Detailed reporting
We will give access to the task scheduler, so that you can constantly monitor the progress of the project and control the cost.
Delivery of gourmet food
Food delivery
Cryptocurrency exchange
Banking and currencies
Manicure salon
Beauty and Health
Sale of electronics
Why our websites deliver the desired result

We have 14 years of experience in developing web systems, supporting business in the IT environment, and creating software and hardware systems.

From the customer's perspective
We use tools in our work that allow us to view the project from the customer's perspective, and we only offer proven and effective solutions.
Setting up analytics systems
Each project we deliver goes through the stage of setting up and initial configuration of analytics systems for behavioral factors and e-commerce.
We use artificial intelligence in our work.
We actively use modern advancements in artificial intelligence to generate content when building a website.
We focus only on what matters.
With our service, you can be sure that your resources are focused on what's truly important. Don't worry about unnecessary details - leave them to us and concentrate on what truly matters!
Unique design
When creating a website, we perform a number of tasks to adapt and customize the design of the project to the needs of the client.
Conversion layer
"Conversion layer" allows optimization of the design and interface of your website so that visitors are more inclined to take action.
We answer your questions.
Can I manage the website created by you myself?

When creating a website, we always find out from you about the goals and tasks of the project. In accordance with them, we recommend the use of a certain website management system. For example, Bitrix, Wordpress, Tilda, Joomja, Drupal and others. Such systems imply management of website content and design. However, basic knowledge will be necessary for full management.

Can I order a website with advertising right away at your studio?

Yes, we will conduct the initial setup of advertising as part of the start-up order. But advertising the website is a topic that requires constant attention. We will definitely offer you several options for running your advertising campaigns from us or from our partners.

Why should I buy a website from you?

You should order the development of a landing page from us because we have a lot of experience in creating high-quality and effective landing pages. Our specialists have deep knowledge in design and programming, which allows them to create landing pages that are not only beautiful but also effective in achieving the goals of your business. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your landing page is always at the top of its effectiveness.

What factors determine the cost of website development in your studio?

The price of development usually depends on the team's labor costs working on the project. All the tasks are logged in a timesheet and then summed up. This is how the project price is calculated. Based on the history of doing different projects, we can estimate the expected time of work and calculate the price of the project. For package offers, the price is also preliminarily calculated by us on the same grounds.

Do you use ready-made website templates or ready-made design in the development process?

Sure. Using templates helps to significantly reduce development effort and therefore cost. Besides, we use artificial intelligence in our works, including for image and text generation in different languages. This allows us to create unique and valid content.

What if we don't have a specification, design, and other things?

In this case we will ask you in detail about the features of your business, your Customer, the KPI of your industry and offer several design concepts to choose from. Then we will compile the TK and implement the project. You are in control, approval, payment and processing of incoming leads. The rest we are ready to take on.

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